Dad's told you three things about Dawnwood: It's a small town with less than a thousand people, it's a friendly, closed-knit community and it's in the Deep South, between the middle of nowhere and some godforsaken shithole you've never been to. You sit in the back of Dad's Ford, staring out the window at shitty fields and forests.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" your dad says, cheerfully looking out the window.

"Dad, I don't have bars on my phone. I genuinely didn't know there were places outside of Alaska in this country where that was possible."

"Well, maybe it'll encourage you to spend more time actually talking to people, or read. Hunter loves reading."

You look at your nine year old brother sitting next to your, his eyes glued to the screen of a Kindle.

"He's not reading; he's playing games. I told you he shouldn't have gotten a Kindle."

"Shut up, Hazel!" he says.

You quickly thump him in the arm.

"Hey! Hazel hit me!" Hunter whines.

"Hazel! What have I told you about hitting your brother?"

"Do it when you're not looking?" you ask sarcastically.

"For God's sake, Hazel, you're sixteen, act your age! I'm sick of your acting like a spoilt brat because of the move!"

"You're dragging me from my home to the middle of bumfuck nowhere, of course I'm pissed!"

Dad angrily slams his hands on the wheel, losing his cool once again.

"Stop swearing! I had to move here, I wasn't given a choice! The firm..."

"There's plenty of other law firms! It's New York, there's not such a lack of crime you can't find work!"

"That's another reason! New York was dangerous and full of crime. The only thing people die of where we're going is old age or eating too much fries!"

"Fine, pick your job over us again!"

Dad sighs as you pull out your headphones and put them in. You stare out the window as you pass through endless fields.