You are Vingrad Coldslayer, king of the mighty land of Farnorth. Your home was once a part of the huge empire known as the Odranithic Order, until the people rebelled. There had been a bad harvest followed by a long winter, which killed many of the Northmen people. When the Odranithic Order had not sent any food northward, Vronar Coldslayer and his friend Bortusken Thunderbeard led the city of Norgurune in rebellion. After the war, both Vronar and Bortusken wished to rule. In the end, they fought After several years, the Order granted them all land north of the River Star. Over the years, the Northmen conquered the region known as Nearnorth, which was south of River Star and north of the present day border of Odranith.

You are sitting on your throne in the palace of Norgurune. You are very tired, as the last few nights, you have been plagued by vivid nightmares. In these dreams you saw undead creatures in the ruins of your home, wandering aimlessly. You were also visited by a spirit  that claimed  to be your ancestor, Vronar Coldslayer.

He told you that Norgurune was in danger. Bortusken's curse, given to Vronar before his death, is coming true.

According to ancient scrolls, Bortusken said that when Farnorth began to forget about Bortusken, the children would die first. Then the nobles and kings, and then the common folk. Farnorth would become a barren wasteland, inhabited by the dead. 

As you sit and think, three ideas come to your mind about what you can do.

The Norgurune Library is managed by a wizard named Forixis, who may be knowledgeable on the subject. In addition, there may be books or scrolls that could help you learn more about this topic.

Your Court Wizard, Dardis is not as wise as Forixis, but he was born in Farnorth and seems to know a lot about legends.

Your last idea is to search the city for clues. Although there is no guarantee that you will find anything, it may give you a chance to find evidence and talk to your people.

<p>A sword made out of Blizzard Steel, a sturdy material from the Coldstone Mountains. It is capable of piercing plate armor and thick hides. Given to you by your father Golad when you were the prince.</p>
Blizzard Steel Sword