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Your name is Leo Trapa (which you have had legally changed from Cleo Trapa to sound more manly) and you have recently gained great fame after sailing your ship Adventurer completely around your world of Magellan from north to south. The Adventurer is a tough little ship, large enough for a Crew of 30 and with enough space to hold 30 days worth of supplies. Though you are only twenty years old you have already received the rank of Commander in recognition of your superb ability and are widely respected as one of the greatest sailors of your homeland, The Kingdom of the Three Islands.​​

The World of Magellan on which you live is mostly water and for this reason the people of The Three Islands have a rich naval tradition. Gunpowder is a recent invention and though your ship is armed with four cannons and all of your crew carry muskets these are slow to load and highly inaccurate when fired making the sword your crew's primary weapon. A dozen Colonies have been established on Islands beyond your people's borders but these vary from well-organized and thriving settlements to frequently-massacred outposts of civilization.

Your ship can only carry a maximum amount of Food for 30 days, which will make finding and obtaining sources of Food your top priority. If you ever run out of Food (your Food number reaches 0) then you and all your Crew will starve to death and die. You will almost certainly lose Crew members on this military expedition and you must take care that your Crew number never falls to 0: that will mean that you and all your Crew are dead.

Though not as important as during your previous voyage you will still want to make your journeys in the shortest number of Days possible. Queen Anne-Marie is keen to encourage efficiency and rewards those Captains who complete their voyages swiftly with additional Crew and Food. You are sailing as one of the ten Ships in the War Fleet, commanded by Queen Anne-Marie, and you will find details of your fellow Captains and Commanders in the List of War Fleet Officers provided below.

Surviving this voyage will not be as easy as it may appear... those who do will receive 1 Score Point while those who run out of Crew or Food during their voyage and die win no Score Points. Your Score will be shown if you leave a comment when you have finished this story. As in previous adventures you might find it useful to make a map as you sail as the information might be useful for future voyages and adventures in these waters...

So good luck reader, make wise and strategically sound choices and with a little luck, a good course and a fair wind you might live to see your homeland again!

DAYS is 0.
FOOD is 30.
MEN is 30.
<p>A List of the Officers and Ships of the War Fleet.</p>
List of War Fleet Officers