You are a woman.

Your name is Aydrial.

You are 22 years old, and come from a middle-class lifestyle. You are adored by everybody. You're cute, funny, and sweet.

Anyways, It has been 3 months since the virus infec... heard it.

A toxic zombie gas.... lame.

Dead started to rise... oh for the love of God what are these abominations of ideas?!

For all you can remember, people just started to randomly eat each other a few weeks ago in the month of March 2028 and they weren't dead. No one has any idea what caused people to have these weird cravings for flesh and organs, but apparently when these people ate the intestines of their victims, the chemicals in their bowels caused the cannibal's brain to take full control of their own body and change it into full primal hominid instinct, and the mouth to improperly digest anything but flesh. Of course.

As a molecular scientist (I really don't know how you got that official title that young), you are desperate to know what caused this weird situation, and hopefully fix it. You have nothing to use to help you on your journey to a complete conclusion.

Right now, you're in your house. Since it's been a few weeks since the situation has begun, cannibals roam everywhere. By the way, since they're in a full hominid primal instinct, they know how to make clothes, use weapons and tools such as bows and arrows, as well as clubs. They are incredibly fast as they mostly run all day searching for prey. They mostly rely on their sight to catch prey (such as yourself) because of their loud nature of playing the drums and banging on houses to make music at night, their hearing isn't as good.

You can do three things right now. You can either just run outside and be killed by the cannibals, you can try sneaking through the backdoor of your house and out of the suburban neighborhood, or you can utilize the daytime left (It's around midday) to search your house to see if you can find any valuable items that looters may have missed while you were filming a documentary cross country. You do not have much time.