Dateline: Corinth, in the distant past.

You are Bellerophon, son of King Glaucus, the most famed equestrian in generations. Your father has given you lessons, and you are, even at your young age of sixteen, almost as skilled as he. It's time to get out and show the world that you're just as good as he is!

Of course, many are jealous of your prowess and of your status as the son of the King, and you are often challenged to tests of skill and the occasional street brawl. So it is one afternoon, and you exchange harsh words with a challenger. You best him, and continue with your business, only to hear later that your challenger has been found slain, and you are the only suspect.

Now is as good a time as any to get out of town! You take your leave of your father, and flee the city of your birth, exiled. Who knows what lies outside the gates of Corinth?