How to Play

Your name is Leo Trapa and your achievements as Vice Admiral of your ship Adventurer have made you legendary throughout your world of Magellan. The Adventurer is a tough little ship and veteran of several battles, large enough to hold a Crew of 30 Sailors and 30 days worth of Supplies for them. Although you are only twenty-one years old you have already received the rank of Vice Admiral in recognition of your superb ability and seamanship.​​

The World of Magellan on which you live is mostly ocean occupied by a scattering of islands:many of these islands are uninhabited but those that are populated are occupied by one of three cultures: native Lapau and more technologically advanced Elixi and Navar, the latter your own people. Though exiled under pain of death from your homeland, the Kingdom of the Three Islands, you have inherited your people's rich naval traditions: the Adventurer carries four cannons and all of your crew are armed with muskets, though these are slow to load making the sword your secondary weapon. Recently war has broken out on Magellan with the Elixi and Navar on one side and you on the other with your allies, the Lapau.

Your biggest problem on long voyages is that your ship can only carry enough Supplies for 30 days which will make finding and obtaining fresh sources of Supplies your top priority. If you ever run out of Supplies (your Supply number falls to 0) then you and your Crew will starve to death and die. You will almost certainly lose Crew members during your voyage and you must be careful that your Crew number never falls to 0 either: that will mean that you and all your Crew are dead.

Frequently there is a time element involved during your voyages and you will want to complete them in the smallest number of Days possible. Successfully completing a Voyage ahead of your Competitors will result in a Score Point which will show if you leave a Comment after the game that you have completed this story with a very high degree of skill. As in previous adventures you will find it useful to make a map of the waters you sail as you may return this way again and the information may benefit you...

So good luck reader, make wise and strategically sound choices and with a little luck, a good course and a fair wind you might live to see your homeland again!

CREW is 30.
DAYS is 0.
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