The Graveyard

It's quiet. I take a breath and hold it in as long as I can. Then, I breathe out. It's peaceful here. I remember when everything used to be that way.

I walk among the tombstones brushing my hand over each one. My favorite is Edwin's. That one looks almost blue to me. His parents must have been rich. It was made to last for hundreds of years. So far, it has.

A soft breeze blows through the Maples. The leaves sound a bit like rain. They dance in the sunlight. I like sunlight. I like how it warms my skin.

I don't know why the others never come out here, but I am glad that they don't. Nobody does. That's why it's quiet.

The silence is broken when I hear the bells. Mr. Rockford hates it when I'm late. I run over to Mrs. Murdock.

I'll be going now," I say.
The old lady smiles at me. "Okay, see you tomorrow."

I really do like her. She lets me work at my schools graveyard. I tidy things up for her here so she can rest. In return, she vouches for me whenever I am late. I'm late often.

I'd better hurry.