Chapter 1: Leo

Wednesday, 15 May 2015



The black Audi sedan races through the night. It charges along the road at a decent speed, before turning into a parking lot beside a two-story building. It parks at an empty space and stops. 

With gloved hands, the driver opens the car door and disembarks. He is a tall handsome man in his late twenties in a black jacket on top of his shirt. He has medium-length brown hair with long bangs, brown eyes, and fair complexion. The man closes the car door and heads into the trunk of his car. He opens it to reveal a stash. The stash appears to be a weapon case. He opens it and he sees the glint of the black finishing of his handguns -- a pair of USPs. His pistols are equipped with silencers and flashlights. There are also a plenty amount of magazines and cross-shoulder holsters for his handguns. He gears up, before closing the trunk and locks his car. 

This twenty seven-year-old young man's name is Leo -- a former LAPD police officer who turned into a bounty hunter, mercenary, and vigilante since he discovered that he had some vampiric blood in him. People think that vampires are fantasy, but the fact is... There is a few of them lurking around in Velcro City. As a human-vampire hybrid, he's here to hunt them down and ensures them all dead. 

This city is known for its ferocious criminals and many underworld gangs. Many criminal organizations established their business here -- especially the Russian Mafia, Italian Mafia, Yakuza, and Triads. But the most interesting and dangerous of them all? Inner Circle. 

The Inner Circle is a crime organization who has been in Velcro City since 1984. It grew really fast like a disease spreading. Local police force is still trying to find out more about the organization, but they keep killing their undercovers. 

Leo knows that Inner Circle has connections to vampires. Their leaders are vampires, and with their special abilities, they can make their organization greater and greater. Hell, they can even afford to hire mercenaries and purchase military-grade equipment. He can't afford the organization to thrive even more. 

With weapons hidden beneath his apparel, he casually walks into the entrance of the building.