The sky is ashen black. It is slightly raining. You enter the shady bar and scan the surroundings. The windows here are closed tight and darkness prevails, the only source of light being a lantern dangling from the roof. You find yourself an empty chair and sit. A shabby man approaches you and put a jar of ale on your table.

"Long time since your last visit." the man, the innkeeper says.

"Any work?" you ask.

"I've heard Yako, the wizard, is searching for an employer. You should visit him once, although he has warned that it would be a perilous task." he replys while wiping the spoils on your table.

You haven't been in action for quite a time so perhaps it's the best time to rebegin you adventerer life. You ask for the wizard whereabouts and set off immidiately.

The wizard dwells in a small hut on the far west of the city. It is quite a journey and you reach it the next day. Exhausted, you rap on the door and wait. Birds fly overhead the wet trees. The hut is old and decrepit, unlike the rich wizard Melin's home. After a minute, a bearded old man emerges from the hut and calls you in. You tell him your intentions and he seems pretty pleased hearing that.

"North of here, deep in the Black wood forest, is the castle of Count, the long forgotten vampire. I wish you to bring his ashes..."

You interrupt him and stammer, "...what do you mean by ashes? Am I supposed to kill an undead vampire!"

He smiles.

"I'll reward you with 10,000 gold coins. And you won't go alone. My man will accompany you. Agree?"

Ten thousand gold coins. With that, you could travel to your home Nevai and start a tavern. And it wouldn't be that bad if someone would be covering your side.

And now I'm dealing with pale people, you think.

"Where is my ally?" you ask, grinning. A broad smile cover's the wizard's face and he calls a name. The next moment, a man in padded armour enters the hut, his hand gripped on the pommel of a long lethal sword.

"Meet Icus."

The man bows you and the wizard before kneeling down.

"Pretty neat, eh?"

So, the next day you and Icus proceed into the Blackwood forests, praying that this wouldn't be your last adventure. The rain has left the ground wet and slippery. The coldness is exilirating, thanks to the greenery around you. You both advance in a brisk pace, cutting down vegetation that block your path. Eventually, you both arrive a gentle river. After satisfying your thirst, you scan the surroundings and spot a fragile boat in a distance.

"Atleast we aren't alone." you remark.