"And before you go, I'd like to remind you all of the test tomorrow. It will be multiple choice, and it's worth 20% of your grade, so if you haven't studied by now… Good luck", Mrs.Palor announces, moments before the bell rings and the class hurries out of the room.

You groan as you stand to exit the class. Unfortunately, you only transferred to this school last month, so you still aren't up to speed with everything you need to know. You tried to explain this to your teacher, but, well, she didn't care.

"Your former teacher should have been teaching you the same curriculum, so you should be fine."

Is all you got despite your protests. In other words, you have a long night of grueling studying to do in order to avoid failing. For only being in grade 6, your teachers sure are strict. Probably a side effect of it being a private school. As you turn to grab your bag, you notice it's not hung up along the back like it was earlier.

"Ha. Ha. Ha!" You hear a voice behind you laugh mockingly. You recognize the person instantly: Randolf. The most popular boy in the class, among the boys at least. Even with his above average looks, the fact that he's an ass to most people earns him the scorn of the girls, and the admiration of the boys who he makes his followers. Four of those followers are currently standing beside him.

"What's wrong, new girl? Is something missing? Something that looks like a bag, perhaps?"

"Did you take my bag?"

"Your bag? Of course not..." Randolf replies with a wide smile. "But now that you mention it. I think I saw the bag that looked just like it earlier. Now where did I see that bag again, John?"

"It was in the boarded off area."

"Ah, right. That's where it was. Strange, why would it be in there..?"

You glare at Randolf in response. From what you've heard, the boarded off area is a section of the school currently undergoing renovations. At least, it was about a year ago. None of the students know why, but at some point renovations were postponed indefinitely until "a decision can be made about the problem", is what you heard.

You also heard rumours that Randolf and his goons had decided to make it their secret base during lunch at the school. You're not really sure how though, as both the hallway to that section of the school, along with its outside entrance, are boarded off.

"Why would you do that!?"

"To prove a point. This is my turf. No one is smarter than me here! Especially not some stupid poor person!" Randolf replies, briskly walking away with his goons close behind him.

"I guess you'll have to buy a new bag, assuming you can afford it. Ha. Ha. Ha!" You hear him mock as he exits the class. While it sounds like baseless gloating, Randolf is indeed the smartest person in the class. According to test results at least. He doesn't seem smart, but he somehow manages to ace every test and class thrown at him. It's especially impressive given this is a private school.

Though, he has reason to be jealous of you. This is a private school, and he's not wrong in saying that you're poor. You worked hard to get a scholarship in order to be here, and you'll have to work even harder to stay. Twenty percent may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but one of the conditions is that you maintain that 95% average you obtained to get into the school in the first place.

"… Jerk."

You insult him under you breath before turning back to your desk. You only have your science book from this class, so he must have taken your bag and notes during the break. You can't study using only this book, since this test includes science, math, history, and english questions. You can't enter the boarded off area now, because security is particularly high around the end of school.

That leaves only one choice: you'll have to break into the school later tonight and get back your bag.