The First Page

London, 1815

You have arrived from the country for your first season in London society. You are from a noble but impoverished family. Your father caused a social scandal when he eloped with your mother who was a low born country girl. His noble parents disowned him and you grew up happy but poor. Sadly, both your parents have now died and your father's sister, Lady Wilde, has summoned you to London to find you a husband.

You have arrived at your Aunt's formidable town house. You are waiting in the dark splendour of the sitting room when a man walks in.  He stops on the threshold and stares at you for a minute. He is well dressed and handsome with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. He introduces himself as the Honourable Adam Steeton. He says he has never seen someone so beautiful and asks you to take a turn about the garden with him.

Do you:

1. Take his hand and go out to the garden

2. Politely but firmly refuse him