The First Page

It's Halloween night. Usually you would be trick-or-treating with your annoying brat of a sister, but as she's old enough to be out with her friends you can finally go out with your friends!

Oh wait... you have none because you're a pathetic loser...

Oh well! At least you don't have to babysit anybody! And tonight's gonna be the night that all changes! Tonight you're gonna dress in a costume so cool you'll get bagfuls of candy and every girl in school will want you!

Yeah that was a nice delusional thought! As soon as you get down the sidewalk the school bully Randy and his cronies pin you down and begin to beat you mercilessly. The only thing stopping them from taking all your candy is that you don't have any candy. Apparently a sheet with two eyeholes cut in it is NOT a cool costume.

"Ha ha ha! Look at this loser! He looks like a gay B-list version of Casper!" Randy laughs.

"Yeah! Let's give him something to be really scared of!" one of his cronies laughs.