Welcome to Magus: Betrayal!

You are known as Uriel, master elementalist and accomplished magician of the Acadamy of Alzur.
The Spark, the talent to manipulate the essence of the elements in everything, has enabled you to live a youth far away from the spears of the soldiers, or the toils of the peasants.
A findling you are, born to unknown parents and found on the steps of the Academy, but this is not a fate unusual, for the times are harsh for those without the privilige of noble heritage, and few can spare the resources to feed yet another crying mouth.
If the Magi of the Academy had not found the Spark in you, they would have turned you over to one of the servants to grow up as one of them, a practice that comes closest to local charity, and ensures that the servants are loyal to the Academy.
But this fate was spared to you.
From earliest childhood you learned the arts of the scribe, the arts of the rune and the arts of the Elements.
Your life has been one of scholarship, and learning, and even though your thoughts sometimes turned towards the parents you never had, you soon accepted that the Academy was your family, never knowing anything different.

However, a restlessness in your soul worried your teachers. You were sharper than most of your classmates, and thus began to find the lectures boring, often huddling alone in your study with an ancient tome borrowed from the library with the librarian's grudging permission, learning on your own faster than your teachers could hope to achieve.

Finally, the master magicians admitted defeat. They no longer could teach you anything, and thus it came as a relief to them, that you were chosen, with two other magicians, to fortify the guard of an Alzuran emissary on the dangerous, bandit-infested road to Khofte, a coastal city in the far south.

The council of magicians apparently thought that a bit of adventure would help to dull your restlessness and sharpen your practical skills.

To begin with, you must choose to specialize in one of the five elements: Fire, Air, Water, Ice and Earth.
You may still manipulate the other four, but you can only hope to access the powerful effects with the element of your specialization.
Furthermore, specializing in one element also slightly affects your character. Ice elementalists are known for the cool and logical mind, while Earth magicians tend to be protective of their charges.

Choose your Specialization.