Master Sensei And The Arts Of Nen

  Master Sensei catches your sleeve before you walk out the door.

  "'Sup, Sensei?" You ask, hoping that he hasn't discovered the vase that should be in the dining room. I say should because you maaay or maaay not have sort of accidentally smashed it into smithereens while trying to make a break dance video to Bestie Boy's Intergalactic. You're not very good at dancing. Technically it still counts as break dancing, though, as you did actually break something.

  Instead of yelling at you about your failure as a Nen disciple and your bad taste in music, the old master merely strokes his beard, eyeing you up and down like that one guy who hangs out at the park sometimes. He's pretty weird, but he gives you candy! Yay! Candy!

  Master only nods. "You are ready!" He says, triumphantly.

  "To be the very best?"

  "Like no one ever was!...Wait, no. Young Cricket! It's about time you learn what your Nen type is!"

  Your jaw drops. Speechless. You don't even squeak when you dropped your authentic Metropolitan brand skateboard onto the delicate toes of your Adidas. It's not candy, but it's better.

  Master Sensei, who has been training you in the arts of Nen for the past few years, laughs at your face and gives you a mighty slap on the back. "It's okay, Cricket! You've got the beginning arts down, so you should do just fine! You'll be dope!"

  Sensei has been trying to catch up on the cool kid lingo lately, which is not dope. But you're finally going to learn your Hatsu Nen ability! Hopefully your years of training will pay off...