December 11-13

"What are we going to do?" A frantic emotion was surging through her. She can't have the baby now! They weren't in the camp yet. They weren't ready!

Zhaoluo's stepmother, who was lying on the floor with a small cloak as her blanket, breathed heavily in the dark. She looked downward toward the wet spot on the cloak and floor. This was very bad.

"Wake up your father." A shudder passed through her stepmother as she closed her eyes. Her pale skin was shiny, and it's a wonder how the other two haven't woken up from the breathing.

Zhaoluo rushed over to where her father slept and shook him awake. "Baba!"

He grumbled something and squinted at her. "What is it?" At that moment, he seemed to register the noise coming from his wife and lurched up. Zhaoluo hadn't even sat up before her father was by his wife's side.

"Tanla!" her father was almost yelling, but all Zhaoluo could think of was the loud gunshots she heard this morning and her stepmother's name.

"Lisong..." From the way they were acting, it was as if her stepmother would die at any moment.

Zhaoluo stood up, and with a shaky voice, said, "We have to get help. I don't know how to carry a baby!"

Father nodded as if her words hadn't just snapped him out of his frenzy. "Can you find your way to the Committee?"