One more day. After a millennium of meticulous planning, his plot was finally bearing fruit. Penthos looked out at the peaceful citizens roaming around the city, smiling. He couldn't wait to bring them to tears. He couldn't wait to see those smiles reduced to agonizing tears of grief, pain, and sadness. Oh, he could barely wait another day. The last thousand years almost felt shorter than the day before him.

Penthos, being the daimon of grief, had always longed for more lamentation in the world. In a few hours, he would make his wish come true. But he couldn't do it alone. There cannot be grief without other elements. Penthos needed the help of discord, misery, doom, violence, fear, and death. He smiled at the thought of it all, then shut his eyes, dreaming of a happy tomorrow. For today was the final day of peace before he rained terror upon humanity.