The First Page

(Starting off where the kids are at the station)

Your name is Kathleen Abernathy,he is fourteen years old you was on your way to gate 12 to board the plane to Utah,that was when Mom stopped you,she only stopped you because you would've forgotten your inhaler,you had your inhaler in your backpack,but that one was half empty,Mrs.Abernathy was giving you the other inhaler incase your first inhaler runs out.She also said not to be doing your "Rise"Thing that you inherited form your Father,and Grandfather You take the inhaler and you run to the gate and you get on the plane.You made a new friend when you was on the plane his name is Samuel Jakesman.While you guys were talking a young girl comes up to you two.

"Hi,nice to meet you guys,I'm Aaron Garrason."She introduces.

You smile and shake her hand.

"Wait didn't your brother go on this field trip?"Samuel asks.

"Yeah he says that his friends went with him too.."Aaron says."Plus, my Mom and Dad went there too,he says that that's probably how they met each other.But where are you from?"She adds.

"Me!Uh,Kilkenny,Ireland."You answer.

"I'm from Chicago Illinois."Samuel answers too.

"I'm from San Francisco,California."Aaron says.

"The People said that they were having new freshmen coming this decade and we're one of them,I wonder why every ten years,but I'm wondering how old are the others?"You say wondering.

"Well,I looked at the flier and it says from thirteen-to-sixteen.My older Brother Ryan said that they may accept people older so they have more fighting skill,or something,but I'm still confused on why we need to fighting,maybe it's because some of us could get into a fight and one has to beat up the other."Aaron explains.

All three of  kids shrug.

"Come on we have to get to the shuttle before it takes off,or we're staying on earth for the whole spring break."Samuel says.

You all enter the shuttle there are fourteen of your guys.You fall asleep on the ride.The only way you was woken up was by cold water splashing down on you.It was floating at first in zero gravity but when the rocket ship landed the zero gravity went away and floating ball of water splashes completely down on your head.

"(Pant,pant,pant)What is wrong with you?"You tried to yell but keeping a level tone.

"Come on."A kid says.

All fourteen kids slide down the slide on to the mother ship the place looks very nice.I start to walk but the then you slip."What the---why's the floor so damn slippery?"You say trying to get up.

A girl throws his bag down on the floor and slides to the other side."Come on,it's just like surfing."She says.

"Hey wait up."Another kid says.

When we all get across the ice like floor the navigator hands us an outfit.They were our size,the girls wore a grey collard shirt,with orange stripes,and red jeans,and light brown ankle boots.(The heels aren't high like ankle boots,the heels are 3/4th of inch.)

The boys wore grey collard shirts and blue jeans with black converse.We wore jackets with short sleeves,but it had a hood.The girls wore the blue jackets and the boys wore the green jackets.

"Not really a bad style."A girl said.

"My name is Gracie Cunningham,but you can call me Gray."She says.You shake her hand.You meet the next kid,his name was Asher Rice,and his friend was Ether Leary.

You started to feel hungry.

"Hey,guys there's something to eat here."Ether says waving.

You and the others grab a plate and you all start talking and there was a bunch of chatter going on,it sounded like a classroom.You realized that this was the best spring break you ever had before you have to go back to school.

The lunch ends.