The First Page

The stench of fish pussy and B.O sticks to the air of the small strip club that you currently sit in.

You had just finished your grueling construction shift to try and finish up the new colony palisade, but an attack by the natives had hampered your supervisor's efforts for a quick finish.

Not like it mattered to you though, you were only stationed in this miserable settlement for a few more weeks, and then you could head back to the space station.

The three years that you had spent here because of your crimes on your home station had toughened your mind and body, to the point that you felt like a new man. But now you just want to go home. This colony planet was a shithole, and the only saving grace was the green district where civilization looked somewhat of what you would come to expect. These outer settlements though were nothing but backwater stomping grounds of those trying to escape their past lives, or others trying to strike it rich.

The bartender, Stevens raps your table with his knuckles, getting your attention and making you lose your train of thought.

"Want another drink?"

"I'm good, thanks."

"Then buy a dance or get the fuck out, this isn't a fucking library."

You sigh in frustration.

"Give me another drink then."

Stevens gives you a wide grin.

"Atta boy, I'll throw in some nachos with it, just for you."

You've learned your lesson from buying a dance from one of these strippers. They know how to dance you'll give them that, but the smell of fish had stuck to your clothes the time before, and with how hard it was to get a laundry ticket, you wouldn't even take a dance for free.

The only other entertainment venue in this settlement was Korks Bar, but the number of fights and stabbings that took place there was something that you weren't about to get involved in given how close you were to being free of your contract.

At least the strip club had decent bouncers, but most of them were more preoccupied with the illegal brothel they were running in the back.