Almost Graduated

"We've almost graduated!" you say to Andrew, one of your best friends.

"Yeah. I can't believe it!" he exclaims, smiling his adorable smile. "Hey, do you think Incredibles 2 will ever come out?"

You laugh at the sudden change of subject. Andrew's known for doing that. "I hope it does, but it's not looking good," you reply.

"Ugh. Pixar needs to start doing better than Finding Dory!" he groans.

"Hey! That movie wasn't THAT bad," you say.

"Yeah, but it was for Pixar. Pixar can do better. WAY better."

You snicker. Andrew's obsessed with Pixar and has all the toys from Toy Story. You wonder if he'll abandon them when he goes to college.

Suddenly, Andrew's smile that always remains on his face vanishes. He stares at the ground. You're both on the roof of your house with your legs hanging off the edge. It's your favorite place to be.

Andrew's ocean-blue eyes are still looking down at the ground, sadly.

"Andrew. Is something wrong?" you ask, hesitantly.

He stops. "Nah. I'm fine."

You know fine doesn't mean fine though. It never does.