The Light

You are running. Wait, running from what?

You stop and look around, using the torch you are holding to see. You appear to be in some kind of long, dark, stone tunnel that looks ancient. You turn around and see the same thing you saw in front of you; endless darkness. Water drips from the ceiling every few seconds, which must be the cause of the trickle of water flowing in the opposite direction of where you were running. In fact, you see that the bottom of your clothes and shoes are wet from running through the water.

Suddenly, you hear the faint noise of splashing water, and a loud thumping noise, which you realize is your heart beating. As you hear the splashing get closer, you hear a voice screaming to you, "What are you doing!? Keep running! They're going to kill us!" You see the person speaking. He is a short male with messy brown hair, and looks extremely anxious.

That's when you see what he is running from. Behind your companion a bright light is steadily growing. They're coming fast! Getting too close! You start to panic, but your companion yanks your arm and you keep running. The light keeps pressing closer, and closer, to the point you no longer need your torch.

That when you see it, your destination! A simple wood door at the end of the tunnel. You know you'll be safe there.

But the light is so close now, you can feel its warmth. Your companion screams, and you feel something pierce your back. You stop in your tracks, and look down. The end of a pure white spear is sticking out of the front of your chest, lighting up everything around you. As you feel your life fading, you hear a woman's voice from behind you, as smooth as silk.

"Your life is needed, for the good of us all."

The light embraces you.