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There are ten Campaigns available from Ancient History ranging in length from one to nine battles and rated Easy, Medium or Hard Difficulty. Each Campaign has the same format, you are a Commander of 1000 Warriors who you command in battle and in every fight your objective is to kill as many Enemies as possible while losing as few Warriors Killed as possible. Warriors you lose Killed are subtracted from your Warriors total and if this ever reaches 0 then you are killed, ending the campaign.

For every Enemy you kill you earn 1 Score Point and for every Warrior you lose Killed you lose 1 Score Point, your objective is to get the highest Score possible which is revealed at the end of the story if you leave a comment. If you are killed (your number of Warriors reaches 0) then you will be given the option to return to this page or finish the story and leave a comment, likewise if you complete a campaign you will be given the chance to return to the main page and try another campaign or finish the story. Your Score is carried over whether your Campaign ends in successful completion or death and completing all the campaigns will give you the highest score.

So, in chronological order, here are the available Campaigns:
SCORE is 0.
WARRIORS is 1000.