The First Page

Each race that occupys the world of Erun has it's own part to play in helping eachothers economy, when one race's economy declines it has a knock on effect on the others. Each race specialises in certain things that they trade on the market.
ELFS- The Elf's do not trade often but sometimes trade there high tech weapons/amour for raw material to design new technology.
BARBARIANS- They trade ore, marble and crystals ( unrefined as they have very little education or technology) they buy leather, steel, weapons and armour.
PIRATES- they are high in human trade (sell women and young boys they take from other races during raids) they also sell jewels and other stolen merchandise. They buy cotton for sails, ore, sugar, spices and cloth.
ACASH- sell food, wool, leather, meat, cotton and sugar and buy stone, steel amd iron.
PRIETY-sell gold, iron and ore. Buy crystals, gems and jewels.
EMPIRE- sell weapons, stone, wool, leather (refined goods) and buy raw material.
GIANTS- only trade off handedly, they are mainly self sufficient.
MOUNTAIN PEOPLE- buy lots from the market but rarely sell.
BRAVERY is 50.
COMBAT is 50.
CULTURE is 30.
ENERGY is 40.
MAGIC is 30.