The Warrior Prince

Some say fields of flowers during a red sunset are the most beautiful sight to behold, but they are wrong. I say it is the battlefield with men on either side being in perfect silence. Yes, there are those who yell, but in moments like this, we all are hushed.

I turn to Achish. He stands by my side with a face like a stone. Forwards he glares at the walls of the enemy. Bir Kale is the only step before victory and glory.

"What do the other commanders say?" I ask Achish.
He doesn't turn his head when he replies, "Sir, they are in disagreement. Neither can decide whether we should lay siege or attack them now. They agreed to follow your word."
"What do you think?"
"I agree with the others."

I stare at the walls. They are not too high, but the gate is thick. Long since my family launched our campaign, I hear whispers of this fortress. Too many raiders or armies of days' old have squandered their forces upon it like waves on a cliff.

But, I yearn for the feel of battle, and for it to be done so that I may set it safe. Sitting idle will do me no good. We could storm the walls with any manner of strategy, yet my men would fall. How much glory would I give if I make only conquered lands and coffins? Though, how much glory would I bring if I sat with my army a year to starve out the bravest of my worthy foes?

"Don't tell the men to expect war tomorrow. I need to think more," I say, "We have come too far to squander the gods' favor. I will retire to my tent."

Achish nods and leaves to relay the orders. I walk to my tent and lay my sword down. She whispers her unquenchable thirst into my ears, but I cannot let her sway me.

I law down and close my eyes. Maybe a rested mind could find the solution to my problem. My mind wanders.

"My lord," says a voice. It is one of my guards. "The priest Mahlon is here."
"Come in," I say.
The priest and his flowing robe enters. He asks, "May I offer you my opinion?"
"Surely," I say to Mahlon, "Though you are older than my father's father, your wisdom is more potent than a young man's fury. I will never rebuke brethren who've traveled through all with me."
"Attack." His gaze holds no sign of humor.
"Excuse me?"
"Attack, slay them all. Savas wishes for you to lead your attack in three days. Then, he will grant you a worthy victory."
I stand and nod saying, "I will take your words to heart. Thank you for revealing Savas' desire."
"My pleasure, my lord," says Mahlon. He nods and leaves.

I lay out two maps on the floor. One if of the city and the other is of the land. My chariots and horses will be of little use. That is certain. I also won't have enough time now to build the proper tools. Well, we could build a battering ram. All I truly know is that Savas is smiling on me. The Warrior God always favors me, and now he has given me his wisdom.

"My lord," says Achish, "A messenger from our Lord the King approaches." I exit the tent and see my most trusted friend with a rare expression on his face. He shows worry.
"Let us speak to the man to see what my father has to say," I reply.