Lost in the Woods.

It's been 7 months since your dad got the job out here in the Adirondacks. You used to go hiking with him all the time back in Utah when you were younger. But his job keeps him pretty busy. You know this was a sweet opportunity for him and both you and mom supported this move. And you've been itching to get out here on these trails up in these mountains. Secretly you wished you were back out west, you miss your friends. You guys used to hang out all night on a mountainside.  

Now you are lost in the forest by yourself, and this hike you've been anxious to take has turned into a race against time. Your phone died hours ago from listening to your stored music. It won’t even flicker on anymore. You have been on these back trails for hours now. Your water bottle is dry. It has to be close to 10 o'clock by now. You have gotten so turned around and need to find a way out.