Chapter 1: Minor Ambitions

Chapter 1: Minor Ambitions

Once upon a time in a city called Klyton, there was a young man who wanted to be a doctor. He studied hard in school and his parents supported his dreams for he was intelligent and hard working and they knew he could succeed if given the chance. They also wanted him to have a more stable and comfortable life than they did. (Much like their parents before them)

Despite the high costs of a formal education of a person growing up in his middle class background, his parents who ran an inn, scraped together enough money to send him to a university and for awhile the young man was able to pursue his dreams.

Unfortunately life doesn’t always go as planned and one day the young man’s father died and to make matters worse it turned out his father who only had the best intentions for his son, had been borrowing from a dangerous loan shark.

With his mother in danger of losing the inn, the young man had to put his dreams on hold and help his mother. It was a time of great stress for the young man, but in time he was able to not only keep the inn afloat and pay off the debt, but he was also able to turn enough profit to re-enroll at the university and eventually become the doctor he always wanted to be.

During his time as an innkeeper however, he had become very close to a young barmaid by the name of Eliza. While their love didn’t blossom immediately, he soon realized his feelings before it was too late and the two became romantically involved and in time they married.

For various reasons together they moved away from the city and to a quieter smaller town called Teckleville. There the young man opened a private practice and became a respected member of the community and had twins with Eliza.

These twins, a boy and a girl, had possibly even more of a loving home than their father did and they certainly had even more comforts and advantages. Truly when they grew up, they could be anything they set their minds to.

However, once again life is not always so simple.

As they grew up, these twins became the scourge of Teckleville, always getting into mischief. Granted some misbehavior is expected from youth as they find their purpose in life, but it would seem no matter what, these two were bound and determined to pursue the life of crime.

The pair of them were rogues through and through and as they got older it was apparent they had no desire to change.

And that’s where our tale begins…