Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there lived a cat and a crow. They were both creatures of nature and light.

When the humans built a settlement along the Starling River, Cat made his nest in the barn behind farmer Darrell's house. Cat had a new, dry home and an abundance of food, and the middle-aged man could get free extermination services. Sometimes, he'd let Alice smooth down his fur and teasingly call him her little panther. Oftentimes, Cat would wander throughout the village and clear out the rats, and whatever was leftover, Crow would eat. Ah, Crow. She was a vain, big bird, but she had a gentle heart.

After they assimilated into the village as esteemed members, the pair decided that they should try harder to help the kind village folk. Crow would be the scout; she'd fly over town, and with her keen eyes, spot trouble that needed amending. It could be an empty trough, a lost shoe, or a haphazardly placed stone. They were content with this lifestyle and purpose.