The Pie

You wake up, but meh.  Who really cares? 

You walk out of your chamber, the giant stone echoes with the sounds of your footsteps.  As you exit the hall you gaze upon the worthless denizens of your humble abode. 

They all wander around, asking you your opinions of things, but do you care?  Meh, not really.  Another sound catches your ears.  And from out of some random chamber comes a short girl with orange hair. 

"Ah, my cherry pie," you say as you kiss her on the forehead.

"Hey, you slept in pretty late!" She says.


"I'm going to go to Cystia today?  Want to join me?" she asks.


"Meh?" she asks.

"Might stay in Discordina today."


"Eh, don't feel like it."

As you continue on, you see more and more people and things you do not care about at all.  Eventually, you make your way down the hall to one of your favorite rooms.

The whirring and clanking of machinery and other things is like music to your ears.  But that's not all.  Ahead, someone covered in scales stands in front of a large machine.  Large and with plenty of metal tubes, each with green liquid running through them.  It is through this invention, and with the help of this green magical essence, you can alter reality itself.  It's called the Deviner, the greatest invention to ever exist.

You step forward to plug yourself in, the large needle like object about to prick through your forehead.  But as you do so, you don't feel the rush of the running green liquid.  In fact all you hear is an odd clunking and churning sound. 

Nothing happens, and you frown. 

"Damn it!" The scaly dragon man says, "I think something is busted."

You rip the needle out and let it dangle where it sits.  The machinery itself seems to have broken down, collapsed and laying defunct.  The dragon man starts gathering pieces of what machinery he can.  Before you can do anything, he stops you.

"I'll work in this stuff, you should go to Cystia and find some of those magic crystals."

"Why?" you ask.

"Not only did the machinery break, it seems the magic crystal over charged, and sent a surge of magic throughout the liquid.  So it broke down the weaker parts of the Deviner."

You sigh, one of the few things you gave a shit about. 

You walk down the worthless halls, pass all the worthless people, and finally reach one of the worthless carriages.  It seems several of them have taken off anyway.

As you sit down, you slump into the comfy seat you had installed in the carriage.  The worthless guy driving it flicks the reigns, causing the worthless horses to go forward.