The Beginning

Mommy wakes you up earlier than usual. She opens your pink curtains, and light streams into the room. Your eyes hurt because it is too bright. "Good morning, Anna!" She says.

"Morning, Mommy." You answer, rubbing your eyes. You are still tired. You want to go back to sleep, but you know that Mommy won't let you. She is already picking out your clothes, which means that today you are going somewhere. This excites you a little bit, and you sit up. "What are we doing today?" You ask.

Mommy thinks for a moment. "It's a surprise!" She says.

A surprise! You like surprises! Maybe you're going to the playground! Oh, or maybe the cupcake shop! Daddy loves the cupcake shop. Mommy thinks that it's 'unhealthy', whatever that means. "Okay!" You tell Mommy. "Can I wear my Cinderella shirt?" 

"Uh, not today." Mommy tells you. 

"Why not?" You ask. "I wanna wear it!"

"You're going to wear this shirt today." Mommy says, holding up a light pink shirt that has ruffles on it. You decide that the shirt is acceptable. The ruffles look cool, and your favorite color is pink. Mommy helps you put on the shirt and a pair of black leggings. Once Mommy does your hair, you go downstairs, eat breakfast, and Mommy puts you in your car-seat. 

"Where are we going?" You ask again. You can tell that Mommy is frustrated with you. You've asked more than ten times, which is a lot. Ten is a really big number.

Mommy sighs. "You are going to preschool."

Preschool? No, not preschool! You scream. "I don't wanna go to preschool!"

"I don't care!" Mommy snaps. She parks the car in front of a huge, white building and gets out, slamming her door shut. She walks over to your door, and unbuckles you. She marches you inside. Inside of the building stands a tall lady in a purple dress. She and Mommy start talking about something or other.

"I've got to go, Anna! Have fun!" Mommy says. She's leaving? No, she can't leave you here!