"Battle stations!"

"Battle stations, everyone!" shouts commander Oragana.  You along with the other Rebels aboard the Rebel cruiser scurry to your positions at the guns.  Imperial TIE fighters had been picked up on the ship's radar, and it is now time for action! 

You grip the handle of your chain gun and look through the glass dome.  The streets of Courascant open before you.  In the distance you see fifty or so TIE fighters heading towards the ship.  You take aim. 

Suddenly you feel a surge of the Dark Side.  You gasp, overwhelmed.  You glance at the leading TIE fighter.  Its wings are pointing inward, not vertical like the other ones.  It seems to be the source of the dark energy.

"What's going on here?!" General Oragana shouts at you.  "Get moving!  If we don't get enough fire power, we're space dust!"