The man-eating ogre.

Far away in a mysterious realm, a lonely stone tower rises above a grassy plain. In front of the tower stands a large gray-skinned creature, it's easily over five meters tall. Although the creature has a humanoid shape, it's clearly something monstrous. It has a flat and ugly face with large yellow eyes, filled with cruelty. Drool drips from its protruding fangs, as it eagerly sniffs the air. It's bare-chested, only a roughly woven rag covers its loin. It's the man-eating ogre, the devourer, the one that strikes terror into all!

Out of the window, at the very top of the tower, peaks the pale face of the princess. Long has she been imprisoned by the monster, countless have tried to rescue her, but all have failed. The tower is surrounded by the corpses of the knights and would-be-heroes, who futility attempted to challenge her tormentor. Or at least what's left of them, broken armor, shattered swords, tattered clothes and crushed bones.

The ogre sniffs the air again, then it grunts happily. It's the same delicious scent, the scent of man flesh!

Then a single figure appears on the top of a nearby hill. Magnificent plate armor of divine class steel covered with golden decorations. Two fearless eyes gaze disdainfully at the ogre and slowly the figure draws a giant two-handed sword from the sheath. The sunlight is reflected on the razor-sharp blade, almost blinding the ogre.

The princess, torn between the hope for the long await rescue and the fear that her savior will share the same fate as those who came before him, covers her mouth. A silent scream, "Please save me! Please don't die, savior!"

"Huhu, has the puny knight come to rescue his damsel in distress?" laughs the ogre, while it licks his lips. He wields his giant spiked club as if it's a mere twig. Then he slams it against the ground and releases a deafening roar.

Undisturbed the fearless knight accepts the challenge and slowly removes his helmet... But wait, we might be jumping to conclusions now when we talk about 'him' and 'he', or not?