Journal Entry 37

I have spent the past days preparing for my Grand Offensive. I will plunge through the attacking armies and destroy them, that fool McClellan would rather have us sitting in a ditch, which will only result in another Devil’s Den situation. Thank God President Lincoln had the sense to put me in charge. I know that I have enemies, and a lot of people wish ill to me, but I believe that I can crush Jackson with my hands tied behind my back. It will be a challenge sure, but I am the next Napoleon, a bold statement to be sure, one that I will be caught speaking around others, but in my innermost thoughts, I truly believe this. Anyway the men are calling me, they wouldn’t get anything done if I wasn’t there to hold their hand.

-John Pope


   You step out of your tent to take command of your troops. Apparently your scouts have discovered General Stonewall Jackson’s Army. This isn’t that bothering as you are sure you can beat them. Walking through the camp, you notice some of your men looking at you with contempt. They are most likely those fools who follow McClellan. The coming battle will be the time for you to rise up and prove your mettle. You doubt that Jackson will have any backup for awhile. It might be smarter to prepare your men to help ease your assault. Your men are awaiting your command, what shall you do?