Author's Note

This is a story told in the classic "gamebook" format. There are no stats, no variables, no items you need to collect, just a narrative that branches into many different storypaths. In other words, this is old-school CYOA fun!

In this story, the main character is a young recruit in the Astral Navy, one of the united defense forces that has been protecting Earth and the various human colonies for several centuries. You grew up on the planet Usul, where you found life on your family's gava rice farm to be dull. You joined the Astral Navy for adventure, but so far you seem to be stuck on an unnamed transport, making routine runs on the same route over and over.

Beyond this basic background information, the character is yours to inhabit. Is he or she bold or thoughtful, daring or analytical, confident or plagued by inner doubt? The decisions are yours to make as you navigate the story and learn the multitude of fates that may befall you, your crewmates, and your mission.

Remember, the gamebook format was intended to be read more than once. To get the full impact of this story, you should explore many of the storypaths, and not just settle for the first ending you encounter. Yes, there may be a few "linear" passages here and there, where you click through several pages without being presented with any options, but overall you will find 19 endings spread out over 140 pages of storytelling. I think you'll agree that this is a lot of branching!

If you want to truly experience Giri Minor, you may need to explore the various storypaths carefully. The resolution to this story is not just going to walk up and present itself to you! There are many perils awaiting you on this deserted world, so it may take a combination of skill, luck, and perseverance to succeed in your mission.

I sincerely hope you enjoy Marooned on Giri Minor, the first entry in The Orion Chronicles.

--Bill Ingersoll