1. noah

the beginning Emily and Noah have been dating since Grade 10, and they are now in Grade 12. As the years passed, they have grown increasingly dependent on each other, to the point where they ignore their family and friends in favor of spending time with each other. However, Emily has slowly become emotionally abusive towards Noah. She suffers from bulimia and severe depression, and has used Noah as a mental crutch to feel better about herself. She has repeatedly manipulated Noah into ditching his responsibilities and friends, by threatening to harm herself and does follow through with what she says she will do, if Noah does not stop her. She has even talked to Noah about suicide. This has given Noah a major cause of concern, but he feels helpless in the situation as Emily refuses to get help for her mental disorders. She guilt-trips him into staying with her whenever he communicates to Emily that he is stressed out and that they should take a bit of time apart, and mocks and verbally abuses Noah. On the other hand, Emily does want to recover but is scared of getting help, as her aunt was treated terribly by her parents because of her depression. She is aware she stresses Noah out with her actions, and she feels terrible for it. However, she is so emotionally dependent on Noah that he is the only person she can express her problems to. She enjoys seeing Noah worry over her and get hurt from her decisions, as it gives her a sense of control. Noah decides that enough is enough, and that he needs to either get out of this toxic relationship or get Emily some help.