The bed is lovely. You are quite comfortable underneath your fluffy blanket, and sunlight has just begun to stream through the window. Perhaps there are birds twittering somewhere far away, but you don't pay much attention to anything. Everything is soft and warm, and soon you are nearly asleep again.

Then there is something against your lips. It is soft and warm too, and you smile. Your mouth is full of sweetness and the taste of great ripe blackberries. You picture them hanging on the bush, gleaming dark on a summer day. Now it is like wine, and now like honey.

The thing against your lips pushes a little harder, and the flavor grows stronger. The wine goes sour and the honey is sickly sweet. The berries seem to burst and spill their rotten juice. There are flies and maggots now, crawling and fluttering and devouring your tongue and face. You scream and they swarm down your throat. You open your eyes; the room has gone terribly dark, and everything is cold.

Sprawled across your body is a woman with purple lips, so purple they seem almost black. She studies you dispassionately for a moment as the insects crawl about your stomach and chew your organs. You cannot scream any more, you cannot even think. You only look at her beautiful face and those lips. You watch her spread a pair of vast silverly wings around you, until you are utterly alone. 

Then she bends forward and gives another kiss.