You are dropped off in the Jungles of Southeast Asia

     You land on the forest floor of a jungle somewhere in Southeast Asia.jungle2.jpg

This place looks nice. Doesn't it? Well, here you are. In the jungle. Alone. You have a feeling that you should use your camera to document the Javan Rhino.

You see a meadow, some hills and a creek.

     This could be useful for your mission. Camera <p>     Javan Rhinos are grayish in color, with a single small horn. The females don't have horns. The animals can weigh up to 1.6 tons.</p>
<p>     They eat the leaves of small trees as well as fruits. They will tke a sapling down and strip it bare. </p>
<p>      They have poor vision, seldom making anything out unless it's right in front of their eyes. They navigate by excellent sense of smell and hearing.</p>
<p>      When they're not gathering food, they love to wallow in the mud.</p> Javan Rhino Handbook