In the beginning, there was sand

Sand crunches beneath your feet as you walk forward. The past few days have been nothing but torture as you meandered through the desert. Your horse succumbed to the heat a while back and you've had to walk ever since. Sand, rocks and even more sand was all that greeted you. Not even cacti seemed to like this wretched land.

After what seems like years the sand becomes earthier. Sweat dribbles from your brow as you raised your head to look around. Perhaps it's your eyes playing tricks on you again but you can just make out the outline of what looks to be a town. A glimmer of hope surges through you as your steps gain a boost of speed. You feel what few possessions you didn't remove rattle as you make your way towards what could be a town.

Once you get closer, it becomes obvious that you have indeed found shelter from the withering heat for now. Whether it will good shelter is probably debatable  though you think as you get closer.  The houses themselves seem fine but the state they are in doesn't. From what you can make out most of the windows are barren and the ones that do have curtains few. The paint on the wood is peeling off and the porches are uneven and sagging. Between rows of houses a few people slowly walk around.