The Escape

The rain, the patter of it hitting my surroundings like knocks on a door with no pause.

It struck like needles, but was warm and mesmerizing. I turned on my side, glass rattled around me and something fell out of my hand with a clank. My eyes were still closed, I knew if I'd open them I'd be dizzy and get sick, my curiosity grew stronger and I wanted to see what my own hand was holding so dearly. My eyelids felt like they were made of lead, I was facing the sky and the rain didn't help either.

As they slowly opened, I was seeing double, no, maybe triple of everything. I felt like vomiting.

I turned to my left where my hand was once holding the object, it was an empty bottle of beer. Of course it was.

As triple slowly turned to double, and then finally to seeing almost normally, I then saw my surroundings. I was surrounded by long walls with openings at either side, my body was cushioned by sacks of garbage. The stink might be one of the factors that's helping kick me out of the hangover, I leaned forward, struggling not to vomit. I sat there for a little while collecting my thoughts, like how I even got here. Oh thats right...

With my left hand, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a shiny gold medallion, I remembered drinking too much and stealing this from a merchant when he wasn't looking. It was beautiful, a gold coin a little bit larger than a walnut, adorned with a lion and a red rope. I can't wait to sell it.

Just at that moment, someone approached me from behind. With a start I quickly turned and grabbed my dagger with my other hand and stuffed the medallion back into my pocket as quickly as I could. I was still sitting but they were so close we startled each other when I turned around. The daylight brought shape to the intruder's face, it had subtle features and was accompanied by a gasp.

The intruder was a woman, she looked panicked. I was a bit confused why she decided to wake up a bum in an alley, but I lowered my weapon. She didn't seem like she wanted to hurt me, and I don't think she saw the medallion so its safe to assume she wouldn't want to rob me.

"Please you have to help me.", she tugged at my arm, frantically urging me to get up.

I took my arm back and used the ground and the wall to support myself, clearing my throat. "What are you ta-"

Just then I silenced myself, there were shouts in the distance. There were large groups of figures walking around quickly past the edge of the alley. Men interrogating people.

No wait, they had spears. Those men are guards.

The girl, who was looking up at the men, looked back to me and whispered "These men are after me but I didn't do anything!"

The medallion wasn't the only thing I stole, I sometimes stole food and other goods and I became a little too known for my liking in the town. The guards would likely be after me too, but by some unknown force, I was swept to my feet and decided to help her. I needed to leave the area too.

We ran the other direction, disappearing into the rain and further into the heart of the town.