Office Hours

Gower looks to the door of his office again—thirty minutes into office hours and not a single student has shown. He sighs and rests his head on his mahogany desk; sitting in his desk is a tedious task when no students appreciate learning the intricacies of the written word. His only company is a golden plaque that reads Dour Gower's power is to go back in time at least an hour!

“No one is coming,” Gower admits to himself out-loud, then sits up as an idea clicks on in his head like a light bulb. “Computer prepare for a time-hop!”

“What author are we visiting this time professor?” His desk responds like Tony Stark’s J. A. R. V. I. S.

There is a loud whirring as the time dilator clicks on. Gower rolls back in his chair to make room for the wormhole—he grins as a passage through time opens. He grabs his interchanging map, which changes to show his exact time and location, and his ballpoint pen translator to translate both language and appearance to match his setting. Now he is ready to travel anywhere in time--but as per usual, there is an author he simply must meet.

With only thirty minutes until remedial grammar, Gower furrows his brow and thinks for a moment, then responds with confidence: