Beep. Beep. Beep. An alarm rings out, startling you from your sleep. Groggily, you reach out and hit your alarm. The room goes silent for a moment as you lie there before swinging your legs over the edge of the bed. Rubbing your eyes and letting a small sigh escape your lips as you head towards the bathroom and hop into the shower. After a quick shower, you begin getting dressed and soon a knock sounds on the door. You finish pulling your shirt over your head and open the door. Standing on the other side is a young crew member holding a file in his hands.


“Sergeant Owens. I have the updated files that the research teams wanted everyone to go over and familiarized themselves with.”


As he says this, he hands over a small file and quickly turns around.




You say as he rounds a corner.


You knew they found something new with the last drop but didn’t think it would mean a new file. You toss the file on your desk and finish putting on your vest and jacket. You gaze at the folder as you strap on your belt, knife, and holster.



 You pull the chair back and sit at the desk. You flip open the file and you see it contains several pages of information regarding the mission and the planet. You shift them to the side for a moment and look over pictures of various things. You see pictures of heavily wooded areas, crystal waters, barren deserts and striking mountains. Behind these are pictures of fruits and vegetable that pop with color. All are easy to see since it is daylight in each photo.


After looking at the pictures, you peer back at the pages. One has the title Mission, the other has Planet. Before you pick them up a man opens your door and pokes his head in.


“Yo, Sergeant. You coming to breakfast yet? Our mission briefing was pushed up to 0600, so breakfast will be short. Better get down here before we have to go.”


He shuts your door before you can say anything.

ANCHOR is 1.
DOC is 1.
NUKE is 1.
RANGER is 1.