Brave or Stupid?

"The traveler is at the campfire! Go, go!" The news spread like wildfire. Soon, all the children of the village were gathered at the firepit. "Will you tell us a story?" they begged. The traveler wasn't very used to kids, so it took her a while before she realized they wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Alright," she relented. "Imagine... that you're a dragon, flying over the forest on a summer's day. The sun is on your wings, the wind is in  your ears, and the world is your playground..."

You're soaring over your domain, the largest forest in the region. The humans call it the Essucia Woods. It's a bright summer's day, but you're not worried about being spotted. You're soaring right over the thick of the wood, where centaurs, elves, lizardfolk, and hundreds of other dangerous creatures live—it's obvious no human would ever dare to enter. 

Or, at least, you thought no human would ever dare to go there. You're quite surprised to see a young woman, little more than a girl, standing alone in a clearing. Doesn't she know that's essentially screaming, "Monsters! Come and kill me!"  You fly over to get a closer look, and the girl notices you. Instead of running away (which is quite useless, because you could easily catch up to her) she calls out. "Dragon!" This girl is either really brave, really stupid, or a combination of both.

You prefer to keep a low profile on account of the humans. If you were to attempt to plunder their treasures, their armies might seek you out. Though you could probably take them on with ease, humans can get annoyingly lucky. One of them might actually do some damage. So if you were to talk to this girl, she might share what you actually look like to her family and friends, as opposed to the legends that scare people away.

By the way her rucksack is swinging, you can tell it has something heavy in it, quite possibly gold. She's dressed in a fancy cloak and it's evident she hasn't been in the forest for long.  It might be worth seeing what this girl is calling out to you for. On the other hand, this might be a trap. It seems a little too obvious. Still, most traps wouldn't hurt a scale of yours, and you'd prefer to see what this girl is up to when she doesn't have the jump on you.