The Nightmare

Sleep. It pulled me in like a current, enticing me with comfort and relaxation. I was always eager to explore the unbelievable worlds in my dreams - sometimes I found myself in the middle of Atlantis. Other times, I created vast planets simply with the power of my mind. Yet, as work got more demanding, it became a place of escape and solitude. But now, things were different...

Sleep still tried to lure me into its grasp, but I knew better. This time, there were no rewards on the other side. Just horror, and terror, and nights of fear. I only slept when I absolutely had to.

It was the same thing every time. The sand was burning. The sun was scorching. I was in the middle of it all. Then, from within the chaos, a monster. It emerged from the flames, gold specks settling on its head like the crown of a victor. Fitting, because the beast always won. Perhaps it was not the appearance of the beast that unsettled me. It usually changed - sometimes the same, sometimes different. When I thought about it, it was not that scary. But in my mind, it was, and that was enough for the fear to enter my veins. 

I stumbled, and ran. Ah, the pond... better not to enter it unless I wanted to meet the Sea Deadlies. However, I could check my reflection if I wanted to.