An Everyday Hero

You are Officer Dick Gristle, an ordinary salt of the earth middle-class man serving in the line of duty. A loving husband and father to a beautiful wife who knows her place and an ungrateful daughter who likes to go out clubbing and get railed by non-Arya- er, unsavory characters, on a nightly basis, despite your many rants on how she is ruining the purity of the Gristle bloodline. 

But there's no place for complaint about domestic issues while on a shift. The city of Gothopolis is in a state of chaos and ruin following the disgusting acts of globalhomo liberal Mayor Ob Bore, such as the discontinuation of the noble practices of "stop and frisk", "stop and grope", "stop and shoot", and "shoot". After these necessary policies were stopped, criminal gangs and crack rings have sprung up on every corner of the city, threatening the safety of the whi- er, upstanding citizenry. 

It's all up to you to stop this senseless anarchy and restore Reaganomics to the good people of Gothopolis, Florida. 

As you sit seething in your police cruiser, you fill your mouth with expresso from your mug, swishing it around for a few seconds before spitting out the contents on the passenger seat. You can already see several acts of lawlessness occurring before your very eyes. A coloured man selling illegal cigarettes on a nearby street corner. A gang of Hispanic thugs menacingly talking in their criminal language just outside a nearby alleyway. An elderly devious-looking criminal with Semetic features jaywalking. Where do you want to start in your relentless pursuit of order?