Welcome to Discretion of a Sleuth! This storygame is just one case- I might release more in the future, but at this time I can't really say. Don't worry, though: this isn't too short.

You play as a detective, no name given, but you aren't just any kind of detective. In all of your previous cases, you've proven to be a valuable resource to many agencies, and you now work a little bit outside of the law, hired by high-end clients who want their crimes to be solved without a big fuss or want little publicity. This doesn't always mean you work with shady people, just people rich in resources who don't want to bring a case through the normal legal system. In these cases, your word is almost final- at the very least, your deductions lead to arrests, and the evidence you provide during your investigation (although you don't attend the trial yourself) usually gets the people you accuse pronounced guilty. 

The mechanics work like so: when you first arrive at a scene, you'll be given time to investigate. During that time, you will pick up evidence in the form of items. After you gather all the information you need, it will be time for you to present your findings to everyone present at the scene. However, it won't be as simple as you connecting the dots and choosing a culprit- everyone else will be giving their own input into the discussion, and at times you will need to deal with arguments and claims presented by others.

Of course, after the discussion is finished, a culprit will be decided, and your job will be finished. 

I should also give some warnings about the content in here: this contains mild references to adultery as well as suicide. If you don't think you're ready for those kinds of concepts, this is my warning. 

That's about all there is! Good luck!