The Beginning

Well, here you are. You're twenty-three and out on your own, just out of college, in a cheap studio apartment just outside downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. You don't have a job yet, but your parents have kindly left you with three-thousand dollars as they celebrated your leaving with the biggest party on their block. In fact, I'm pretty sure they're in prison now for "Violent disturbence of the peace", which you didn't even know was exactly a crime. Well, anyways, you're much too lazy to call and check, and since they've already left you the money, you don't plan on visiting them until next Thanksgiving. What a kind offspring you are.


But that's beside the point, becuase today is June 13th. The cold days of winter in Salt Lake are gone, and now the blisterring heat of a Salt Lake summer is about to begin. But it's 6:00 PM right now, so you'll get back to that (as you'll find out later). You just moved in, and the first thing on your mind right now is food. You haven't eaten since last night when you first walked in the door with that KFC bucket wrapped in your arm. So, you starving artist, what are you going to do?