A bright light, an old bed, and a creepy warehouse.

The light above gleams and sparkles brightly. You look towards it, which is entirely meaningless as you aren't able to avoid its' sharp glare. It beckons you, practically begs for you to move towards it. So you do, you lean up - almost like you're floating into the void, and then you bump your head right against the lamp you were facing.

"Oh! Good evening, didn't expect you to be awake so soon!"

An overweight woman wearing scrubs and a white apron turns back towards you. You lie on your back on a dingy old cot, and the sharp blare of the white lamp is right in your face. You remember where you are - home. 

"Sorry about the lamp! Late night maintenance. Didn't think your light receptors were already up to par! We'll make sure it doesn't happen again in the future."

You nod towards Shirley. This woman has been your caretaker since those men put you together, she has always been so nice to you. So why does today feel so... different? You feel a slight bit of anger towards her. Your systems don't quite tell you why. Before you have time to ajnalyze it too much, two men open the door to your bright room. They wear matching black suits with white dress shirts underneath, and dull black ties. The only distinction between them is that one of them has darker skin then the other. They march in before the more pale man asks Shirley,

"What's going on? Why is she awake? We didn't count on her being up right now."

The darker skinned man keeps his gaze fixed on you. A quick analysis tells you that both men are armed. The man who is fixated on you has a heartbeat of about 120 bpm at the moment and looks to be in a state of raised anxiety. Your analysis begins piecing more of this puzzle together. Shirley responds,

"I'm not sure. I was running some basic maintenance to make sure her systems were running fine, I think she's developing further. Her light receptors never made her wake up in the past, it seems they've developed further."

The darker-skinned man continues to keep his eyes on you as the other one continues to prod. However, he leans in to Shirley to make sure you can't hear what he's about to say, his heartbeat almost matches the other mans', he is also beginning to sweat. Unfortunately for him, you can hear every word.

"Well, can you put her back to sleep? It's not safe to have her up right now. We're the only ones here tonight, it was expected she'd stay down till morning shift came in, we're horribly ill equipped right now, she needs to be asleep."

Shirley looks back towards you with remorseful eyes before whispering back to him.

"Yes, I'll administer more of the anesthetic. That has been working so far, and none of my studies suggest that she has developed any form of resistence to this yet. Stay with me while I try it, just to be safe."

She turns back towards you, and in a louder voice attempts to calm your worries,

"Sorry dear! Just discussing some technical details, I'll be with you shortly!" 

Your systems begin to analyze further. There were never too many people around you as it stood, but you had also never been awake at this time before. This time they seemed to be caught off guard by your sudden awakening, and their raised anxiety suggests that they're not comfortable with your presence right now.

The man turns back towards your caretaker, and in yet another whisper, asks:

"Do you believe she's ready? We've already managed to pull off several miracles here, if we're able to come through with this project, this could be massive breakthrough."

Shirley nods her head before whispering back,

"Yes. I think we're on the verge here. Perhaps weeks, maybe days at best. We're so close to making this a reality!" 

The man smiles and his heartbeat begins to slow down a bit - as your analysis tells you. He nods and nudges his partner, causing him to relax a bit too. Shirley turns back towards you and begins to walk back.

"Sorry about that, hun! Unimportant matters, no need to bore you with the details. But how about we get you back to bed? We have a busy day tomorrow, you need to be well-rested!"

You nod towards her, though your system begins to rattle. You don't feel much, but in this case the uneasiness is difficult to ignore. Something about tonight feels different to you. Shirley grabs a mask off the table and walks back towards you. 

"Okay, we're just gonna put this on you, it'll calm you down and soothe you back into your rest! It'll be painless, as usual!" 

She smiles at you. Her smile is so beautiful, so warming. Almost... fake. Your analysis tells you that she's still in a state of heightened anxiety which only grows more and more as she eases ever closer to you. Her hand is only inches away from your face, but right before she is able to place the mask over your mouth, something inside you tells you to stop this. You shoot your left hand out and press your thumb and index finger against her throat. The data you were filled with explained every minute detail of human anatomy, and how to kill a person in seconds. This comes in handy as you press your fingers down as hard as your slightly-enhanced strength lets you. Her face gasps in utter horror, but before she's even able to scream out of shock, the nerves in her throat are punctured and she collapses to the floor. Both men immediately reach to the left sides of their waists, which is where your analysis earlier told you their guns were. One of them screams,

"Hey! Put her down, hurry!"

But before either man can pull out their gun, your enhanced reflexes react and you leap forward off your bed. With both hands sticking forward, the holes in your fingertips emit power sonic waves that send them both flying back into the wall. Both men hit with a loud thud and hit the ground. Your radar senses they both still have heartbeats, but are in massive pain. You straighten yourself out; the nasty bedsuit they put you in makes it uncomfortable to move around. A feeling inside you tells you that you need to act quickly and put both men down without haste. So you approach the one that your scan suggests is less damaged by your prior blow, the darker skinned man. He looks up at you but can barely move as you march over to him. 

"Wait, please. No!"

The first time you have analyzed legitimate human emotion from any of these men, and it comes to a quick end as you shove your knee into his throat, squishing it between you and the wall behind him. His heartbeat disappears. The other man is unconscious, but it's not permanent. Something that needs to change. This one is a lot easier to deal with. No human emotion in him whatsoever as you reach down, grab his jaw with one hand and hold the back of his head with the other before you snap it to the side easily, stopping his heartbeat as well.


You look around at the place that you have called home for what your systems suggest is nearing two years now. Since those men... created you? You're unsure of your creation, but you know that this place causes you to feel rage and displeasure. You believe the best bet here is to make this place no longer exist. You have plenty of knowledge on how to cause fires and believe that it would be the best method to utilize here. You look over at the outlet the lamp above your bed is plugged into and Shirley's water bottle on her desk. You pick up the bottle and cause a small rip in the cable plugging into the outlet. You pour the water slowly - and suddenly the outlet nearby blows. Smoke begins to come out and a fire follows. Though the building is prepared with fire-safety equipment, the water that begins to shoot from the ceiling only makes the electrical fire worse, as it begins to burn through. You realize you need to get out of here.

With no one guarding the door, you march right out of it. You have no idea where to go, but this large warehouse isn't very difficult to navigate. You follow escape exit signs and your system is able to navigate the rest from there fairly easily. The empty building continues to fill with smoke, but you've already made it to the front door. You walk by many offices and areas that you have never seen before - the only areas of the facilities you've seen have been backroom ones, and you admire how much effort went into making the front area of this place look presentable. With one more glance into your old home, you march out into the night, feeling the fresh air hit your flesh for the first time ever. An odd feeling of nostalgia hits you, though you don't entirely recognize this feeling.