Your life

The harsh light from the vidSky and the clang of the wake up bell pull you out of your sleep. The government found that if they had bright lights and loud bells going in the slums for most of the day, people slept less, and supposedly got more done; so the ceiling of your slum shines brightly, keeping you from sleep. You reluctantly get up, starting your daily routine of scavenging for food in the wealthier parts of the city. The stench of sewage hits you as soon as you exit your shelter, but you’re used to it. Police drones whirr above your head, their cameras alert for any crime, but as you make your daily hike up, you notice that the whirr is suddenly gone. With a crash, a police droid falls from the sky and you freeze, staring at it. You look at everyone else in the street as they start to slip away to their hideouts. A green ray starts flashing, and everywhere it goes, people drop to the ground, silently. You start to hide, but the green ray grazes you on the arm, and everything goes dark. 

BRAINS is 0.
LOGIC is 0.