0 The Fool 0

You are so tired; you can hardly connect your brain chip to the blue box of the hotel's suite. As always, everything disappears in an electronic haze, ñmñuntil your mind enters the eternity of hyperspace.

In a way, it is comforting to forget about the aseptic suite that the contest's company has given you. Probably, with what it costs a night you could buy the entire space station in which you were born, the eternal frontier, without the poetry that the inner worlds give to Outer West.

Connection at 80%

Each time that you have to wait in the strange void, menaces with consuming your sanity. Maybe You shouldn't have accepted the Reality Holographic virtual life offering to be part of The Warped Castle Galatic contest.

Connection complete... An invisible smirk born in your lips inside the virtual helmet.

You look around separating yourself a little from the beautiful neon creature, The AI hostess of the Galactic show. Her sweet voice is like warm honey falling over the velvet peel of juicy peach, "Welcome to the new holographic augmented reality experience, I am the program hostess, The fool. In the name of Immortals entertainment, we will play with the lives of inferior mortal aliens. Your decisions will determine his life and his access to eternity; but also remember you must entertain the audience. It is a big deal being selected as the Hero. Herald of the test.

The virtual environment of this new quantum virtual reality program. It is like floating in the middle of the Galaxy. With it, you would link with the mortal unaware of the contest's player. Coming from one of the infinite dimensions. You will decide the hero's and your destiny. It has cost you a fortune that you don't have, obtain a place on the contest, so you have to win."

The beautiful flashing neon figure takes the floor again with her velvety voice, "Wow, you are really green, Don't you?"

You look at her, without really knowing what even says about all of this situation.

She patiently gazes you advising "Remember, when you press the button, your soul will fuse with the mortal avatar in the game. That person will be your avatar you will control fully.

"Once I take control of my avatar. Would I have the opportunity of...?"

The fool blasts " Absolutely not, There is not backing down once you are in character, or that avatar dies, You will forget your real real-life embrace totally your tribal moniker. However, it is up to you choose how to experience the best multidimensional reality show. Will you be the action hero or the seductive villain destined to try to betray the adventure from inside? That is your choice."