Somewhere in the Australian Outback...

You look through the window from the observation room, down onto the Object placed at the heart of the chamber. Protruding from the walls are all manner of scientific gadgetry, so that the tests can be carried out remotely, and hopefully more safely, from the observation room.

It has been two and a half months of all manner of tests, such as bathing the Object in various forms of radiation, scanning it with all manner of sensors, trying tests in normal air and in a vacuum, and that sort of thing. So far, the Object has just sat there. It could continue to do nothing at all. It could just be a solid chunk of lifeless metal for all anyone knew. That's what you are beginning to think, anyhow.

Of course, the Government and Military representatives were "completely positive" that something would happen eventually. And they got to monitor the tests from another facilitiy eighty kilometers away - just in case the Object happened to be a bomb of some sort. That was really reassuring for you.

"Come on, Jones, let's get to work," Hammond says, the doors to the observation room swishing shut behind him as he arrives.

SCORE is 0.