A normal day gone wrong

Your day seemed ordinary and plain. It was just fine! No news is good news! But, if someone were to ask you if anything was new, you would probably say "no, nothing is new."

But then, something changed. In a very big way.

You went to bed checking your kakao messages. Everything was normal. Except, when you woke up, you felt funny. Your bed wasn't as comfortable as it used to be. It seems like it is poking you and hurting you. You open your eyes and... you are on the ground outside! In a cage!

"What the heck?!?!?" you say. Just then, two armed men in masks pick up your cage and move you to another part of the jungle. Then they open the cage and say "stand here." They have guns, so you listen to them.

Just then, Roy emerges, also carrying a gun. It's an AK-47.

"Hello, I'm sorry. This probably seems a little weird," Roy says. "But you're going to need to believe me. If you come with me, you'll be okay. But we have little time. Follow me!"