The day it all changed

626 AD

You're on your daily trip to the Slavic god Prabog's shrine to pray for a better harvest and an increased quality of life for all the villagers. Most of all, you pray for protection from the incoming Byzantine Empire's army, which has been seen coming towards your village slowly but surely.

You, and your tribe, arrived in these lands when you were still a baby, 20 years ago. Using guerilla tactics, you fought over and over against the Byzantine empire, which has already been in extended combat with remnants of other tribes, barbarians, evil creatures, and all other kinds of enemies. They eventually decided to fall back and just give the land to whoever is willing to remain in it. Your and your tribe gladly settled, and so did the other Slavic tribes, spreading across the area you decided on calling Rashka.

Unfortunately, it seems that they have somewhat recovered from whatever tragedies have beset them, and they are coming to take their land back by force. Your scouts report an initial invasion force of about 20000 men, spread further into 10 groups of about 2000, so they can split up and catch ALL the tribes all across Rashka. And one of those groups appears to be coming directly towards your village. Realizing how much better equipped than you they are, you are getting increasingly nervous the more they approach. And you feel like you're eating crazy grass, because almost nobody else in the village seems worried. They all listen to the words of your chief Rom, who in his infinite wisdom says "The fools even plan to split up and attack all of us at once. That's great, this way we don't even have to unite with the other villages, everyone can fend for themselves. We've beaten them once before when they were in greater numbers, we'll do it again! The Byzantine lapdogs suck at fighting!" before gulping down more beer and doing whatever the fuck he usually does.

"Yeah, but we were using guerilla tactics back then, AND they were beset on all sides by our contrymen, barbarians, thieves, and evil spirits. The situation is much different now, not only can we not use those tactics now, as we have settled and have villages and families, but they also seem to be planning to attack around first snowfall, when our footsteps in snow will give us away. They are both superior numerically AND have better equipment!" is an argument you always give when the fucktard starts spouting his bravado, but he just tells you off. "You're still a child," they say, "what would you know of battle tactics?"

"Enough to know we're all about to fucking die," you think to yourself. Unfortunately, as you were lost in thought, you failed to notice movement in front of you. You see it too late, just as the creature pounces on you.